Symbols for best quality

Of course Nexus has reliable quality “Made in Germany”. However, some details make our products into something special, improve the handling, increase the service life or increase the range of applications. Some of them we would like to highlight and these are therefore specially marked.


NEXUS_Icon_EasyfixThe quick-clamping system Easy-Fix allows an efficient and time-saving adjustment of the respective puller to the application conditions. An additional conversion tool is not required. This saves time and simplifies handling.



The KRALLEX-pulling hooks from Nexus have been specifically developed for work in which only very small gaps are present to grip the part to be pulled off. No matter how difficult it is to position the puller properly, with different KRALLEX, KRALLEX-TIP
or KRALLEX-SLIM variants you always have the appropriate puller.

NEXUS_Icon_hardenedEspecially with larger pullers with higher load values, the spindle and its threads are subjected to extreme demands. By inductive hardening of this important component its stability under load and wear resistance is significantly increased. This increases
the service life and you will enjoy your tool for longer.

NEXUS_Icon_hydraulicHydraulic pullers not only allow the use of very high compression forces, but through precise adjustment options, also an extremely precise and safe work. To ensure a high degree of flexibility here, many of our mechanical pullers can e subsequently equipped with a grease hydraulic spindle. Some tools ma alternatively be supplied with a mechanical spindle or a hydraulic cylinder. So they will always receive the optimal                                                                 tool for their application.